Other Travel Expenses

According to ATO, other travel expenses you might have the capacity to claim include:

  • travel costs you caused for dinners, settlement and miscellaneous items abide away overnight for work, for instance, taking off to an interstate work meeting (generally, you can't assert for suppers if your travel did exclude an overnight remain)
  • the costs you truly achieve, (for instance, fuel costs) while using a got auto or a vehicle other than an auto for work purposes
  • air, transport, get ready, link auto and taxi tolls

You may need to show that you have decreased your claim to deny any private fragment of your excursion.

If your travel costs are reimbursed you can't assert a conclusion.

If you are paid a travel allowance:

  • you should pronounce the allowance on your tax return as pay
  • you are qualified for assert a derivation for the real costs you bring about, less any private part.

If you get paid an allowance for some travel costs (checking additional time dinner rewards, and private and abroad travel allowances), you don't have to keep made confirmation out of your costs gave your claim does not outperform the sensible allowance entirety we set for consistently.

In case you have to guarantee more than the sensible allowance aggregate we set, you need to keep confirmation of your utilization.

You can find some examples of travel expenses here.

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