Pasha Memon

Pasha 3

Pasha provides commercial expertise and guidance on all Operational matters (e.g. Revenue Forecasting & Budgetary control, Risk Management, Quality, Legislation, Governance, Compliance, Contract negotiation, IT, HR and Marketing).

Pasha also has 10 years in the Accounting & IT industry, working in a variety of roles on ‘both sides of the fence’, as an IT Professional and as an Accountant. Having started his working life as a Web Designer. Pasha has worked on business management and tax engagements for small to medium size enterprises with revenues ranging up to $500m with an average turnover between $1m to $20m within manufacturing, construction services, property development and IT industry.

He still 'keeps his hand in' with all things technical, using his knowledge of accounting and taxation as well as advanced IT.

He joined Tax Store in November 2016 as Business Operations Manager.