Abdul Jalil Ghanem

Tax Store North Ryde



3/1 Avon rd, North Ryde 2113 NSW

PHONE: 02 9137 1000

Business consultant and project manager expert with 15 years of experience in this field. Experience working with clients in numerous industries including financial services and local government. Recognised thought leader in overseeing business operations and Financial performance while ensuring internal & external compliance are always adhered to.

AJ is passionate about:

  • helping clients grow their business;
  • tailoring solutions based on a client’s unique situation
  • providing customer focused outstanding service

AJ brings Management Consultancy & Business Advisory skills to the diverse team that is Tax Store.

AJ also brings a level of professional qualifications and experience including

  • Banking & Finance BS
  • Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)

I have built a local team that shares the same values and we are committed to:

  • Supporting our clients
  • Engaging the local community
  • Providing solutions to all your financial needs

Call us today at: 02 9137 1000 to discuss how we can help you. Join us for a cup of coffee at our office, we are excited to partner with you growing your business and individual wealth. We look forward to meet you and help you.

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