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Adalia Kwan MBA

There are great differences between living life focusing our hearts and minds with positive perspective and persevere with patience verses only depending on our mind telling us “Yes, you can do this and No, you can’t do it”. Many at times, we let our mind control our heart rather than listening to where our heart lead us! Mind is the one that plays tricks and therefore it triggers and changes our mind-set and as such Psychic always plays with human’s mind; whereas heart is the one that shall lead you into the right direction.

This teaching be imprinted deep in me that drives me with life purposes that stood out to be different among others – living and walking with “Cool Mind with Warm Heart” – and can think wisely!

I am passionate about:

  • Seeing the client(s) growth in personal and business respectively
  • Being attentive and understanding their needs and desires – so that we can put together a solution to their financial needs
  • Building relationship by going extra miles for the client(s) when they require our attention

Being in the corporate world for more than 25 years, putting myself in the Business Development, Marketing, Sales in various industries with massive exposure in Europe, USA, North and South Asia Pacific regions have graciously learnt far beyond that could not easily comprehend and towards the last years to recent business exposure with group of great business advisors and Taxation guru in Tax Store.

I also bring a level of professional qualifications including Master of Business Administration major in International Business.

I have built a local team that shares the same values and we are committed to:

  • Render our best supports to our valuable clienteles
  • Engaging the local community
  • Providing solutions to all your financial needs
  • Tailoring business advises as per your business needs
  • Bringing joy to family members, friends
  • Being a good listener and be there for family members, friends whenever they need me
  • Voluntary evangelism work in a local church.
  • Reading bible and books
  • Giving encouragement to family members & friends, journeying life together with them

Outside of the office, I have many interests including:

I believe in relationship building; therefore our conversation will never end here, we shall have the soonest catch-up to see how we can help each other in business and personal requirements – I am only a phone call away and PM me @ 0452 400 818 or via email: