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77 Taylors Road, Norfolk Island NSW 2899

PHONE: 1800 854 293

“The taller the bamboo grows the lower it bows”

This quote resonates strongly with me because I believe in personal growth, while staying firmly focused in the fundamentals in life. I believe in being a forward looking optimist, a patient calculator & persistent strategic achiever. The flow of success inter-connects in both personal life & business life. For me, I love my work, so it doesn’t seem like work at all. Attitude in life is everything & I like working with people of similar positive attitudes. Together we achieve the common good for all.

I’m passionate about:

— being a pioneering and professional Advice, Financial & Tax Services enterprise;
— ever increasing knowledge in both formal qualifications & life experiences
— building a relationship of ‘first choice’ with our clients by providing advice, financial & tax solutions through compliant, qualified and efficient service channels in a modern online business environment that comprises of an excelling team of loyal valued employees.

I personally bring over 21 years of industry experience and knowledge to the diverse team that is Tax Store, and I also bring a diverse range of professional qualifications including:

— Masters Degree of Applied Finance (Majors in Financial Analysis & Investment Management)
— Advanced Diploma of Australian Taxation Law
— Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)
— Diploma of Financial Services (Insurance Brokering)
— Diploma of Financial Planning (Dip. Financial Planning)

I have built a local team that shares the same values and we are committed to:

— finding tailored solutions for our clients;
— providing compliant, qualified and efficient services to our clients.

Outside of the office, I have many interests including;

— I, my wife and our young daughter all enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. We enjoy outdoor activities and spending quality time as a family;
— I am an avid Squash player and have been for many years; I enjoy the speed of the game and the thrill of competitions.

We are looking forward to having a chat with you, and find a personal, tailored solution to your financial & tax needs!

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