Is The Peer To Peer Lending Investment Option Right

Is the peer-to-peer lending investment option right for your SMSF? - Tax Accountants North Ryde

One investment option that has surfaced relatively recently, and that SMSF trustees may consider as a part of their strategy to grow their fund, is investing through peer-to-peer lending.

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The Transitional Cgt Relief Measure And Your Smsf

The transitional CGT relief measure and your SMSF - Tax Accountants Norfolk Island

Transitional CGT relief is temporary relief available to all complying super funds, not just SMSFs, for certain CGT assets that would otherwise give rise to a taxable capital gain through the necessary efforts to comply with the new transfer balance cap and new conditions to be applied to transition to retirement income streams (TRIS).

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Smsfs And The In House Asset Rules Explained

SMSFs and the in-house asset rules explained - Tax Accountants Melbourne

A not-uncommon conundrum for many SMSF trustees is what to do when the fund is found to have breached the in-house asset rules. There are also some common misconceptions about these regulations that keep resurfacing.

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Child Death Benefit Recipients And The Transfer Cap

Child death benefit recipients and the transfer cap - Tax Accountants Mackay

The death of a parent is hard on all those involved, however once the grieving has eased, a time comes to address financial matters.One of these issues can be what happens to any superannuation they have left.

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When Valuations Of Property Are Important For Tax

When valuations of property are important for tax - Tax Accountants Liverpool

There are times when getting a valuation becomes necessary, especially to estimate the cost of transactions that are not arm’s-length or when no actual cash changes hands.

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Rental Travel Expenses Mostly Off The Table

Rental travel expenses mostly off the table - Tax Accountants Hoppers Crossing

The ATO recently highlighted significant non-compliance with the rules prohibiting taxpayers claiming travel expenses related to residential rental properties.

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