Latest Government Announcements for Individuals and Sole Traders

Sole Traders – No Employees – Not Forgotten.
Can apply both business and individual support concessions.

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Latest Government Announcements For Business

Latest Government Announcements for Business - Update 23/03/2020

The latest package from the government increases the previous Pay As You Go Withholding assistance to small business.

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Learn how Coronavirus is affecting Australian SMEs – and what you can do for your business

As the number of Coronavirus cases increases in Australia and around the world, we are left wondering what the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be on our community.

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How does Coronavirus effect owning a Tax Store?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world greatly in many ways and as a result, has had a big impact on the economies of the world. This has led to much uncertainty for many of us and especially for those running small businesses. It is understandable to have concerns and to question whether now is the right time for you to establish your own accounting firm. We actually think that this is a great opportunity to help the small businesses in our community and for you to get started in your own Tax Store franchise.

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Selling Taxable Australian Property

Selling taxable Australian property? You may need a clearance certificate from the ATO - Tax Accountants Warwick

If an Australian resident is considering selling property, they should apply for an ATO clearance certificate. If a property vendor does not apply for a clearance certificate and present it to the purchaser, the purchaser is required to withhold 12.5% of the purchase price for CGT purposes on properties that have a market value of $750,000 or more.

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Security Online More Important Than Ever

Security online: more important than ever - Tax Accountants Upper Mt Gravatt

Communication over an online channel has certainly become the default these days, and dealing with the ATO is no exception. In fact the transition to online has plainly been developing over some years.

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