An Smsf Trustee Duty Not To Be Forgotten

How to develop an SMSF investment strategy - Tax Accountants Liverpool

Setting up your own SMSF has certain benefits in allowing you more control and flexibility but it is imperative that your fund grows and can provide for you in retirement. One way to help grow your retirement savings is to have an investment strategy.

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Super Downsizer Scheme Common Errors

Super Downsizer Scheme Common Errors - Tax Accountants Lidcombe

The super downsizer scheme started on 1 July 2018 and has allowed older Australians to sell their homes and contribute up to $300,000 of the proceeds from the sale into super.

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Smsf Event Based Reporting What Needs To Be Reported What Doesnt

SMSF event-based reporting: What needs to be reported, what doesn’t - Tax Accountants Hobart

Since event-based reporting started for SMSFs from 1 July 2018, the ATO says that for the larger part, SMSF trustees have mostly adjusted to the new requirements.

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The Smsf Sector Is Growing By 23200 Every Minute

The SMSF sector is growing by $23,200 every minute - Tax Accountants Geelong West

The latest statistical report from APRA has been released (here’s a link to download it —, which of course mainly focuses on the APRA-regulated superannuation funds in the retail and industry sectors.

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Smsf Trustees Operating Expenses You Can Deduct

SMSF trustees: Operating expenses you can deduct - Tax Accountants Footscray

Operating expenses that are incurred by an SMSF are mostly deductible, however there can be exceptions to the extent that these relate to the gaining of non-assessable income (such as exempt current pension income) or are capital in nature.

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Event Based Reporting Mistakes Lead To More Smsf Audits

Event-based reporting mistakes lead to more SMSF audits - Tax Accountants Bankstown

In the year since event-based reporting (EBR) started for SMSFs (from 1 July 2018) the ATO says an unprecedented number of transfer balance cap reports have required re-reporting.

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