What You Need To Know About Your Airbnb Rental And Tax Obligations

What You Need to Know About Your Airbnb Rental and Tax Obligations - Tax Accountants North Ryde

Advertising your property on Airbnb or other digital platforms can be a good way to earn some extra dollars but do you know your tax obligations?

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Three Wise Fbt Tips For Christmas

Three wise FBT tips for Christmas - Tax Accountants Norfolk Island

Employers know that popping a champagne cork or two to celebrate the festive season lets staff know their efforts are appreciated, but the well-prepared business owner will also know that a little tax planning can help ensure that it’s not the business that ends up with the FBT hangover.

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Small Business Low Cost Assets And The Threshold Rule

Attention Small Business Owners: Know the Threshold Rule and How It Applies To Your Business - Tax Accountants Mackay

The threshold rule is a rule in the tax law that can help save small businesses time and money. It allows a business that doesn’t use simplified depreciation to claim an immediate deduction for most business expenditure of $100 or less to buy tangible assets.

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Lost Or Destroyed Tax Records

Lost or destroyed tax records? Don’t panic - Tax Accountants Hoppers Crossing

Now and then, taxpayers may find themselves in a situation where they simply have no records to back up a tax claim. There can be many reasons for this, such as losing documents when moving home (either paper or electronic), or technology failures that end up with the same result (or at worst even destroy records).

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An Fbt Reporting Exclusion For Personal Security Concerns

An FBT reporting exclusion for personal security concerns - Tax Accountants Hervey Bay

The ATO has plans in place that it can put into operation to relieve certain employers from reporting all the fringe benefits they provide to staff. The measure however is only triggered where it can be shown that employees’ personal safety is at risk or under threat.

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Fictions And Facts About Work Expense Deductions

Fictions (and facts) about work expense deductions - Tax Accountants Gosnells

There can be varied sources for some of the myths about tax deductions —pub-talk, BBQ-banter, hairdresser-homilies, what-your-taxi-driver-just-heard and many others. We sort out fact from fiction.

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