Tax Gap

What is the ‘tax gap’? And how does the ATO measure it? - Tax Accountants Bankstown

Every year, the ATO measures its revenue and compares that total against the amount of revenue it should have made were every taxpayer fully compliant. As you may expect, very often the two numbers are different. And it is this discrepancy that has become known as the “tax gap”.

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Smsf Asset Valuations And

SMSF asset valuations and the contribution caps - Tax Accountants Artarmon

Asset valuations and the contribution caps are both contentious issues, with many SMSFs failing to regularly update their asset valuations and some auditors turning a blind eye. And SMSF auditors who do the wrong thing in relation to valuations may also find themselves facing action by ASIC.

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Consumers Compensated By Financial Institutions Still Need To Consider Tax

Consumers compensated by financial institutions still need to consider tax - Tax Accountants Werribee

With the ongoing financial services Royal Commission, and likely future cases brought before various courts for compensation — or indeed the present building of class action lawsuits on the back of various revelations to come out of the Royal Commission — the ATO has felt the need to run over the rules (as they stand) regarding the taxation of compensation paid to individuals for advice from financial institutions.

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Investment Tax Issues You Need To Be Aware Of

Investment tax issues you need to be aware of - Tax Accountants Willetton

Investors must consider a range of tax laws dealing with income, assets and deductions. Even that term ”income”, the meaning of which most of us would assume, can take on nuanced shades of meaning when considered in regard to investment. For example, investment income earnings such as dividends and interest are typically considered ordinary income. Franking credits, net capital gains and net trust distributions are “statutory” income.

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Alerts Not Alarms

Alerts, not alarms - Tax Accountants Warwick

Every now and then you might read or hear about a “taxpayer alert” being issued by the ATO. Taxpayer alerts are the ATO's “early warning” signals to the public about a certain area of concern – it could be about fraudulent schemes, or dodgy investments, or perhaps about a tax minimisation tactic that the ATO has been made aware of and knows will get people into trouble.

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Do You Need An Agreement With Your Business Partner

Do you need an agreement with your business partner? - Tax Accountants Upper Mount Gravatt

Going into new business with other people is exciting and can be extremely rewarding. A formal agreement can set the ground rules and stop owners getting caught out if things don’t quite go as well as planned.

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