June 2022

30 June Tax Planning

As we move towards the end of the 2021/22 financial year, there are a number of year-end income tax planning opportunities that may be available to optimise your tax position.

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Personal Property Securities Register

Are you aware of the personal property securities register?

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Financing Car

Financing motor vehicles

A common question facing businesses is how to finance and account for the acquisition of a motor vehicle. There are numerous ways that can be used, with each having unique taxation treatment.

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Six Member Smsfs

What you should know about six member SMSFs

Since the SMSF member limits recently increased from four to six, larger families may be considering having one large superannuation fund for all family members.

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Trust Distribution

Further developments on trust distributions

For the many business owners who operate their affairs through discretionary trusts, there have been
further developments on the ATO’s planned crackdown on certain distributions.

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Why Super

Why super can help save for your retirement

Superannuation is an investment vehicle specifically designed to help you save for retirement - this is one of the key reasons why you should take an interest in your superannuation. Whether you’re employed, self-employed or even nearing retirement, it’s never too late to build up your superannuation to boost your retirement savings.

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