The Tax Deductions Available For Interest Dividends And Other Investment Income

The tax deductions available for interest, dividends and other investment income - Tax Accountants Osborne Park

The tax rules allow investing taxpayers to claim some deductions related to some of the expenses and costs that are generated when earning interest, receiving dividends or gaining other investment income.

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Single Touch Payroll Rollout For Smaller Employers

Single touch payroll rollout for smaller employers - Tax Accountants Orange

A major change in the way employers report the tax and super information for their employees to the ATO has been on the way for a while now. The single touch payroll (STP) system started to be rolled out gradually from 1 July 2018 for what the ATO refers to as “substantial” employers (those with 20 or more staff). Recently passed legislation extends STP to all employers, regardless of the number of staff, from 1 July this year.

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The Approach To Tax When You’Re Working From Home

The approach to tax when you’re working from home - Tax Accountants Oakleigh

If you produce assessable income at home, or some of it, and you incur expenses from using that home as your “office” or “workshop”, the ATO will generally allow that a taxpayer could be in a position to be able to claim some expenses and make some deductions. Otherwise the ATO takes the view that expenditure associated with a person's place of residence is more likely to be of a private nature.

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Is The Peer To Peer Lending Investment Option Right

Is the peer-to-peer lending investment option right for your SMSF? - Tax Accountants North Ryde

One investment option that has surfaced relatively recently, and that SMSF trustees may consider as a part of their strategy to grow their fund, is investing through peer-to-peer lending.

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The Transitional Cgt Relief Measure And Your Smsf

The transitional CGT relief measure and your SMSF - Tax Accountants Norfolk Island

Transitional CGT relief is temporary relief available to all complying super funds, not just SMSFs, for certain CGT assets that would otherwise give rise to a taxable capital gain through the necessary efforts to comply with the new transfer balance cap and new conditions to be applied to transition to retirement income streams (TRIS).

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Smsfs And The In House Asset Rules Explained

SMSFs and the in-house asset rules explained - Tax Accountants Melbourne

A not-uncommon conundrum for many SMSF trustees is what to do when the fund is found to have breached the in-house asset rules. There are also some common misconceptions about these regulations that keep resurfacing.

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