How does Coronavirus effect owning a Tax Store?

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world greatly in many ways and as a result, has had a big impact on the economies of the world. This has led to much uncertainty for many of us and especially for those running small businesses. It is understandable to have concerns and to question whether now is the right time for you to establish your own accounting firm. We actually think that this is a great opportunity to help the small businesses in our community and for you to get started in your own Tax Store franchise.

The economy is always going through ups and downs and is impacted by what is happening in the wider community and world events. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is no different from the GFC, Oil Crash, Credit Squeeze and other past events. The reality is that whether the economy is doing well or not there will always be a need for accountants. When business is booming, businesses need a good accountant to keep track of their cash flow and growth of the business. Likewise, when businesses are not doing so good, they need an accountant more than ever to help them keep afloat and diversify their offerings or maximise their cash flow. There are also businesses that will experience an unprecedented surge in demand at this time and will need guidance to manage this sudden increase in trade.

So, this is actually a great opportunity to get involved in a Tax Store business where proven systems can get you up and running quickly and you can, in turn, help small businesses in your community. Being part of the Tax Store family or network, we will help you develop your business advisory skills so that you could utilise those skills to assist your clients (SME) to examine and maximise their operations and systems.

In challenging times, exit strategies are equally important and you as an accountant or trusted advisor play a critical role in helping businesses manoeuvre successfully through these difficult times.
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