Seven Different Ways to Attract New Tax Clients


Seven Different Ways to Attract New Tax Clients

Most accountants, especially those who operate tax agent franchises, are confident enough that clients will come in droves. In reality, it’s much harder and the best in the business will tell you that it’s all about focusing on growing your network and leveraging different marketing channels and techniques.

Since the rules of marketing are constantly evolving, finding new clients is challenging. However, here are seven different ways to attract new tax clients.

  • Select your clients

Clients are not created equal and you need to classify them according to your business needs which may include the following:

  • Can they help market my business?
  • How much revenue can they offer?
  • Are they easy to work and deal with?
  • Will they help me build my client network?

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when selecting your clients. Knowing and understanding your client is critical before you start offering them your services.

  • Be your client’s trusted advisor

Today’s clients prefer their accountant to be a trusted advisor. Since accounting apps and software are now making it easier for people to complete basic tax services, accountants are now offering value-added services such as financial and business planning and even wealth transfer. In addition, clients prefer face-to-face advisory services and technology will not replace an in-person experience. Offering these additional services creates stronger client connections.

  • The “key” is always in the details

Great clients are attracted to businesses that focus on details. Keep in touch with your clients, have lunch with them to catch up and listen to their stories because you’ll get the best information about local business news and it will help you stand out from the competition. This will attract new clients, with referrals in tow.

  • Formulate your social media strategy

Social media is a cost-effective way to get the word out and target new prospects. The key to a successful social media campaign is a good strategy. Participating in local online business communities is a good start. Share your knowledge within the community to build rapport and trust and then selling your services and building the Tax Store brand is easier.

  • Leverage the power of cold calling and client visits

Most businesses don’t entertain cold calls or impromptu visits finding it rude and unnecessary. However, both can be leveraged to unlock new client markets. The key to a successful cold calling and visits strategy is to gather as many insights about a potential lead prior to interacting with them. Know whom to speak to, their role in the company, and what they need. A good ear is more effective than a sales pitch.

  • Ensure your client onboarding process is worry-free

The main reason why your clients chose you is that they want the burden of accounting off their backs. It’s important that your client onboarding process is worry-free. There should be open communication to set clear expectations and familiarise the client with your system. A smooth onboarding experience solidifies the relationship between you and your client, and their referrals alone will help make your franchise more profitable.

  • Build your business profile by attending seminars and speaking engagements

Seminars and speaking engagements are good examples of where the “right clients” are. Attending these will help you build and raise your business profile and allow you to further expand your network and connect with the right people for your bookkeeping business startup. If you are invited to be a guest speaker, grab the opportunity and prepare for it. Make your presentation informative and memorable. A well-told story is a powerful tool to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

There you have it! Seven different ways to win new tax clients. We hope that these suggestions will help you move your business forward.

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