Renting Out Part Or All Of Your Home

Renting out part or all of your home - Tax Accountants Sydney

If you rent out part or all of your home, the rent money you receive is generally regarded as assessable income.

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The Work Christmas Party

The work Christmas party - Tax Accountants St Albans

It’s not quite Christmas time yet, but most businesses will be in the process of thinking ahead to the yuletide festivities, if not already into well-advanced planning. One of the perennial questions is if and how fringe benefits tax applies to these activities.

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How Much Do We Need To Retire

How much do we need to retire? - Tax Accountants Sunny Bank

The question of how much a person needs to have saved before confidently launching into their retirement years very much requires an individual answer. The more the better may seem to be an obvious response, but then again each one of us lucky enough to reach the brink of those golden years will feel a lot better doing so with some assurance that we’ve squirrelled enough away to be comfortable in retirement.

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Three Quarter Fbt Year Compliance Check Up

Three-quarter FBT year compliance check-up - Tax Accountants South Brisbane

As the FBT year runs from 1 April to 31 March, the months of October to December marks the “third quarter” of the FBT year, and so here is an overview of the FBT elements that can attract the ATO’s attention.

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The Shake Up That’S Coming To Division 7 A

The shake up that’s coming to Division 7A - Tax Accountants Ringwood

Discussion about reforms to Division 7A has been bouncing back and forth between the tax practitioner community and Treasury/ATO for many years — since the end of 2012 in fact.

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Transfer balance account report (TBAR) update

The ATO requires SMSF trustees to use the superannuation transfer balance account report (TBAR) to advise it when a transfer balance account event occurs. It uses this information to adjust a fund member’s transfer balance account so it can correctly apply the transfer balance cap provisions.

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