Tax Store Franchises received 5 Star Rating

Congratulations to all our Tax Store partners for receiving 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook. Keep up the great work.

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How to avoid being scammed this tax time

NOBODY wants to get in trouble with the ATO, and fraudsters are preying on this by stepping up their scam attacks on unsuspecting taxpayers.

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Tax Quiz

Tax Time Quiz

Take our quiz and test your tax knowledge before you lodge your tax return!

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Let a GST credit slip through the cracks? All is not lost.

Most small business owners stay on top of their GST refunds, mainly because of cash flow concerns, but it’s not all that uncommon to now and then lose track of a credit. What quite a few small business owners may not know is that you have four years to claim any GST credit you’re entitled to.

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Your claim for a business tax loss can be denied

Business owners are naturally keen to be able to absorb a business loss as a tax deduction, but it also pays to not stray too far from the generally accepted rules regarding tax losses — there are circumstances where the ATO is legitimately able to deny such claims.

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Smsf Trustee

How to deal with SMSF trustee disputes

Everyone goes through the odd rough patch in their relationships with one another and SMSF trustees are no different. However the ramifications of a dispute between trustees are likely to have more wide ranging affects than the average quarrel between friends as SMSF trustees have vested interests, established duties and legal responsibilities towards the fund, where if breached, can result in severe penalties that could affect members’ retirement benefits.

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